National Selection Results – 2023/2024

This week, the 6th Brazilian Physicists’ Tournament took place at the Federal University of ABC. It was an incredible competition with participants from five universities (UFABC, UFMG, UFRJ, USP, and Unicamp), spanning three different states. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) would like to express gratitude to all participants, jury members, and volunteers who made this event possible! Special thanks to the Brazilian Physical Society (SBF) for the funding and support.


RankUniversityFinal Score*

*Accumulated score from 4 PF. For the three finalists (UFMG, UFABC, Unicamp), the score obtained in the final PF is added.

Best roles

  • Reviewer: Ivan Prearo (Unicamp), Renan Gomes Alvim (UFMG) and Vinícius dos Passos de Souza (UFABC)
    • Opposition: Maria Carolina França Volpato (Unicamp), Arctus Caetano Gomes (UFRJ), Artur Libanio de Arauo Yordaky (USP) and Ivan Prearo (Unicamp)
    • Reporter: Lucas de Alexandri Dantas Heck (UFABC), Maressa Pimenta Sampaio (UFMG) and Ivan Prearo (Unicamp)


National Selection Results – 2023/2024